Folklife 2005

We spent quite some time before the show joking about how the ukulele is the perfect instrument for those with neither shame nor talent. If you were there, here’s hoping we delivered on the promise of our humble four stringed friend. Pictures are here. We had a good time. If you want to join us …
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Grilled Perspective

I don’t know any soldiers, though I did have a roommate in college who was in the National Guard. We lost touch long ago, we had very little in common save our 1960s apartment, but I remember him fondly because in spite of our vast differences, he was a kind and considerate roommate. I remember …
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Water songs

Friday night, Quoc Te: Karaoke singer through the fish tank Sunday morning, Alki beach: kid with guitar and coffee. I like to think they’re both singing “Beyond the Sea.”

Jackson Street Crawl V

The cool thing about the Jackson Street Crawl is that no matter the quality of the food, the company is always excellent. This little byproduct of having fine friends that also like to eat was important this Friday at New Kowloon where the food was, well, unexceptional but the company? First rate. We opted for …
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Opening Day

By request, here’s a link to the work. I think they look good in the scans, but they look even better in person. I’m still all smiles about the opening of my show down at Cafe Verite. Lots of people showed up, we drank champagne, ate cupcakes and had coffee, and chattered about everything and …
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