Amazing Graze

Okay, two brief stories: 1. At Lake Louise, we met the charming and garrulous Neil Cox. Neil plays the Alpenhorn, you know, that big long thing you see the guys in lederhosen wearing in videos of, oh, say, Austria. We had a nice long chat with Neil about where he got his horn (the first …
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Rocky Mountain High, Eh?

After what seemed like an eternity of driving, we’re up in the Rockies. We arrived in Jasper last night to yet another thundershower, but the weather is much better today and we had our first real day of adventuring. Man, is Canada big. Yesterday, when we got to Valemount, I was working through a “big, …
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Eating Jackson Street

Jackson Street VII Serendipitously, last Sunday found four Jackson Street Eaters in Nia’s house right around dinner time. I’d planned to go home and make dinner, but because I missed out on the Friday Feed, it was easy to convince me that what we really wanted to was wander over to Jackson Street for Vietnamese …
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From this morning’s inbox: Hi, for the nerd’s job, is there any age you have to be? Because I am only a mere 12-year-old, but I am equally as creative, intelligent, and as fast as the rest. That’s all I really wanted to know for now, thank you for your time. Sincerely,T. I don’t doubt …
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The Yodler’s Lament

I took the 85 Tercel wagon — we call him the Yodler – to the shop yesterday morning. When I dropped of the key, I told the guy in the jumpsuit this: “It runs a little rough. Plus, we’re going on a road trip, so I’d like to know it’s running well before we hit the highway. The mechanic told me to stop back in around 11 to get their diagnosis.

At 11, I wandered over to the shop. “It’s got some problems,” said Julie, the straight talking woman behind the counter.”We’re working up an estimate right now. I’ll call you when we’re done.” I moaned and asked for the basics. She told me the radiator was leaking – I’d suspected that from the coolant on the road under the car, but I was hoping it was just bad hoses – and the drive belt was really worn. “There’s some other stuff too, we’ll call you when it’s all figured out.”

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