Top Three Reasons to go to Folklife

Three: It’s free. Doesn’t cost you a nickel. Okay, you can buy a button or a t-shirt, but it’s still free free free.

Two: It’s right there. Just THERE. Because it’s right there, you can just take the bus. It’s so easy. Okay, maybe that’s two reasons. Let’s say 2 and 2a.

One: I’ll be there with the good people of SUPA playing cowboy tunes. Yeehaw!

Git yerself down to Bagley Wright Theater at Seattle Center on Sunday, May 28th. We go on at 1:00 pm. The Sunday schedule is here in case you want to plan your ukulele listening around some other event.

Yes, the place will be full of hippies. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

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