Doctor My Eyes

We were sitting with the parents in the lovely garden of the Stift’s Cafe at Klosterneuburg. The place was fairly empty – it was Monday and the museum was closed. The wind was swirling the first brown leaves across the plaza but we were protected by the garden’s walls. The waiter was kind and spoke excellent English and the food wasn’t bad either. We were talking about travel fatigue which right now, I have in spades.

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Please Pass the Olives

I’ve posted this story before, but I’m all hopped up on audio these days, so I’ve recorded it. You can listen to it here. It’s a *.wma file, again, for size. You’ll need Windows Media Player to listen to it. If you want to look at pictures while you’re listening, go here.

How It Happened

I was lying on the balcony, listening to Morning Stories on my iPod. There were cowbells ringing in the background.The story – about a German woman who had Nazi parents and was really angry with them and all Germans – was sort of resonating with me. I went inside to look up the WGBH site …
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Still Life with Crabby Rabbi

Flea markets are depressing places but I can’t stay away. I’m a sucker for the random still life tableaus that you find when wandering the stalls. The Vienna flea market combines the possibility of still life with the stench of cigars and sweat and history and desperation. If that sounds like I’m being dramatic, then …
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