Street Corner Giveaway

18th and Harrison

It’s a little bit like seeing an elephant standing around your neighborhood. And in my easily diverted mind, this brings up all kinds of questions. Where did it come from? Why is it outside? Who’s going to take it away and how? The short story possibilities are endless.

In the meantime, round up a couple of strapping lads and a pick up, and it’s all yours. It’s as tinny and flat as you’d expect a free piano to be, but if you’re feeling like you want that 20s barroom in the wild west sound, well, this is your piano! As of 4pm, it was still sitting at 18th and Harrison on Capitol Hill.

And while it’s still out there, I’d sure love to see a street corner jam. I’ll bring the uke…

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5 thoughts on “Street Corner Giveaway

  1. Every month or so in Budapest, people put the things they don’t need on the street, and you’re free to pick up whatever you like – so seeing a piano on the sidewalk in the city center wouldn’t be that unusual! I’ve seen couches, desks and even microwaves sitting there looking for new owners! It’s a great idea.

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