Well, blow me down!

If you want to make a nice wreath or door swag, you might wander over to 23rd and Republican where a once stately cedar (?) is now piled up in great mounds along the sidewalks. The bus stop is inaccessible but the intersection is fragrant with the scent of evergreen.

It was quite a storm. We suffered neither power loss nor flood damage, but there’s plenty of both to be had. Best Gay Boyfriend woke up to no power – meaning no shower, no coffee, no heat. Boo. Large Software Company had email working, but no access to the network resources a person need to hit in order to do their job.

We wandered down the hill to join equally unproductive neighbors for scrambled eggs, bacon, holding the baby, and gossip about celebrities. “We should do something useful with our day!” said a displaced friend from the powerless Central District. “This IS useful!” many replied, while munching yet another oatmeal cookie and discussing what, exactly, Justin Timberlake is famous for.

A nice day, but we’ve opted to cancel our journey to the East side for Chanukah festivities as the bridge has been closed the better part of the day and the alternative is a longer route in the company of everyone who’s required to drive today. At my house, we avoid traffic at every possible opportunity, though we’re kind of bummed that we’re going to miss out on the latkes.

We went to bed shortly before the worst of the storm and oddly, I slept like a stone through most of it. I woke up stunned to find it was half past seven in the morning. A person wonders if there’s a connection between low barometric pressure and sleeping like a tree that’s been blown over in a storm.
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3 thoughts on “Well, blow me down!

  1. Oof! Well Happy Chanukah anyway. I was going to tell you to eat lots of latkes, but it looks like nature had other plans. Hope the streets clear soon so you can join in on the fun.

  2. Was wondering how you were…(wince) I was gonna say ‘weathering’ until I realized how I didn’t even mean it in a punny way…the storm. Glad to hear you didn’t lose power…CNN’s reporting 1.5 M without it. Yikes. Oregonian said it was the worst windstorm in Portland in a decade.

  3. Oh! I am sad to see that tree gone! It was immense. That is one of my favorite houses in the city and one I often have “fixin’ up” gay boy fantasies about and would likely be more active in making that reality if it weren’t on 23rd and of course, having that tree out will open a heck of a lot light (and noise) to that house.

    I am missing all the weather events. I feel conflicted about that.

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