Bon Voyage, Theodore

We’re selling our reliable old Tercel. He’s been more than a car, he’s been a sidekick. If Nerd’s Eye View were a sitcom, selling Theodore Terzel would be the equivalent of a beloved character actor leaving the show. If you know me personally, you’ve probably driven Theodore at some point. “What the hell is up with this car?” you thought, until you tanked up after putting 400 miles on it. “Oh. Duh. Fuel efficient AND reliable. Duh.” I napped in the car, used it as a camp kitchen, drove him down in to low canyons and over high mountain passes, moved studios and houses and friends, stuffed him with bicycles or houseplants or carpooling coworkers who made fun of the noises he made. We lived out of him for weeks at a time while we trundled around the Western US, driving him through big trees and keeping him running while pausing to look at bears…he’s been a great car.

Episodes featuring the Tercel, from the archives:

I hope we’ll find him a good home. I know it’s silly, but I’m a little sentimental about letting him go.
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4 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, Theodore

  1. Kathy had an old tercel, too! After putting on over 200K miles she finally had to let it go. Tears fell as the hauling truck loaded Tercie to find a good home!
    Uncle Ben

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