Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think About Me?

Have I mentioned my hearty dislike of memes? Oooo, I really don’t like them. For starters, I already have a head full of nonsense just waiting to get out, and at the root of it all, I’m not a joiner. I hate “fun activities” and “games” and “team sports” – especially if there’s a ball involved. And the meme comes under that heading for me.

But I do like Jessica and her In Search of Dessert. And though I haven’t met her in person, I just know we’d have tons to talk about. I’d like very much to sit with Jessica at the Baekerei Munding in Innsbruck over big servings of cake and coffee. And because Jessica asked, I will do her #$%&@*$ meme.

Also, because it’s about why I’m fabulous.

[If you share my bad attitude, maybe you’d like to read this, instead, from the archives: Fish Tales. It’s about snow, salmon, and Seattle.]

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Drawbridges are Cool

When you’re sitting in your car, drawbridges are all aggravation and a little imagination as you look at that flat bit of roadway gone vertical. But when you’re on your bike, there’s more to see. And today, for the first time in nearly 15 years in Seattle, I got to see the West Seattle drawbridge …
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Only a Few Miles Apart

First, there’s a pair of crows stalking their long strides across the lawn. They are followed by a flock of starlings and for a few minutes, the lawn is covered in birds, there must be forty or fifty of them. A few minutes later, it’s like a timer has gone off and the starlings have …
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