Aloha, Ay: Twenty Things We’ve Done in Half the Time They Deserve

  1. Ate seafood outdoors
  2. Talked with napping sea turtles
  3. Drank too much Kona coffee
  4. Got lei’d – twice
  5. Visited the site of an ancient Hawaiian temple (heiau)
  6. Learned and forgot how to say “no problem”in Hawaiian
  7. Heard live music
  8. Drove to the Hawi overlook to see the Waipio Valley
  9. Ate lunch Hawaiian Style in Waimea
  10. Fell in love with and did not buy a 900 dollar ukulele
  11. Drank a flaming cocktail
  12. Saw reef sharks
  13. Got a lung full of sulfur on the volcano
  14. Talked Hawaiian history with an elder from the Hawaiian Kalama tribe
  15. Talked organic coffee with a mainlander who bugged out a few years back
  16. Talked South Point with Vermonters who decided not to “wait until retirement”
  17. Ate BBQ, paniolo style
  18. Drank a mango smoothie
  19. Visited the City of Refuge (everyone needs to go to this place once)
  20. Talked chocolates with a local at the Kona Farmer’s Market

I’m a little stressed, believe it or not, because I feel like we’re not getting enough in. I haven’t been to a fancy shopping center, I didn’t spend enough time gathering business cards in Kona Village, I can’t figure out how I’m going to get everything else I want to do done in the next two days before we move on to Oahu. I’m also truly frustrated about what I’m missing. Tonight, even though we’re in a lovely rainforest cottage surrounded by palms and exotic flowers, I can’t help think that I’m missing song circle in Huloaloa and that the coffee farmer, who was utterly charming, would be willing to take us for a walk through his fields. Slow travel this is not. Argh.


Excellent advice, courtesy Hawaii road crew.

We’ve not eaten today, so we’re off to get dinner. If I’m not too whupped, I’ll try to post some photos a bit later.

A few pics are posted here.

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3 thoughts on “Aloha, Ay: Twenty Things We’ve Done in Half the Time They Deserve

  1. No problem in Hawaiian is “A`ole pilikia.” I hope you are having very little pilikia (trouble) except for the aforementioned lack of time.

    I’m glad you went to the City of Refuge. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. You’re doin’ good.

    Keep worrying and the result will be fine 😉
    It’s a technique of mine, it keeps planes home to New Zealand in the sky …


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