Nearby Adventures: Auburn, Washington

Once upon a time Puget Sound had a lot more passenger rail. Trains ran hourly from downtown Seattle to downtown Tacoma. The Interurban line ran along what’s sort of the I-5 corridor these days. There was a street car that went up and down Queen Anne and another one that served West Seattle. Rail travel …
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This Ain’t Right

Last spring This spring In a freaky turn of events, it’s positively dumping snow on us. This is really not how spring is supposed to be in Seattle. A little wet, sure, but this? This is ridiculous. [tags]snow, Seattle[/tags]

Shoes and Socks: PR and Travel Gear

Before we went to Southeast Asia, I received one of those PR emails I get: “Here’s a bunch of great travel stuff! Tell your readers about this stuff! It’s great stuff for traveling!” And I did what I often do, which is respond as follows: “Hey, that looks like some good stuff. I could test …
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Lil’ Rev in West Seattle

“You are here for 80 minutes or so of ukulele music, right? Because usually, people can’t take that much and about 15 or 20 minutes in, they start walking out…” That’s Lil’ Rev, making good natured fun with the tiny audience of 20 or so ukulele enthusiasts who’d showed up to hear him play. Lil …
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“O hai. I’z in ur radio crackin’ mahself ups.” Wow, recording a full story for radio is really hard work! You have to slow way down, waaaaaay down, when you read, and then, sometimes, you have to say stuff over and over and over again. “Okay, now try it this way…” and then, sometimes, if …
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