Fish Wednesday, Tuna Melt Edition

Even though we live in the seafood paradise of the Pacific Northwest we are not snobs ’round here, no sir. Plus, with bad news coming from the salmon streams, we may find ourselves seeking cheap, sustainable alternatives long before we thought we’d have to.

Tuna Sandwich, Before

It was just yesterday that I found myself paying a little too much for a grilled cheese sandwich at lunchtime. In spite of the expense, I remembered just how damn yummy a pan fried sandwich is. And when Mr. NEV decided we needed to make chocolate chip cookies too, the die was cast, we were going grade school weekend lunch all the way. In addition to the stuff we needed for cookies, we picked up a jar of kosher mini dill pickles, a little piece of Danish cheese, and some bread. Tuna we had at home.

I’m not going to tell you how to make a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich, plus, everyone has a method. I hear there are those who slather both sides of their bread with mayo before putting it in the pan. If that’s how you like it, more power to you.

I still love to have my grilled sammich with tomato soup, but Soup Swap has spoiled me for quality and I just can’t do the Campbell’s from the can anymore. I guess I’m not a total non-snob and yeah, that was Dijon mustard I mixed in with the tuna.

Still, if you can’t enjoy a plain old grilled sandwich from the skillet, a crispy, salty dill, and a chocolate chip cookie still warm from the oven, well, maybe it’s time to consider antidepressants.

Tuna Sandwich, After

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