The Perfect Northwest Wedding


I confess, I don’t much care for weddings. Given the opportunity, I will try to talk just about anyone out of it. I don’t think much of the bridal industrial complex, a pantheon of evil designed to get you to spend gajillion dollars on “your big day” just as you’re starting your lives together. I think you should spend that money on a spectacularly long honeymoon or something related to your home or oh, just about anything else besides a one day extravaganza.

I’m a heartless Grinch.

Our friends K+V got married this yesterday (they’re the handsome gents in the not-quite-matching gray suits) in the company of 60 or so of their adoring friends. It was a perfect event, possibly the nicest wedding I’ve ever had the honor to attend.

The weather was less than cooperative, deciding to rain for a little bit right as the ceremony began, but being hardy dwellers of the Pacific Northwest, the happy couple just carried on, while numerous prepared guests whipped out their umbrellas. The ukulele player only made a few minor mistakes, but played right through them, until the ending where she biffed it just a little, but we’ll give her a pass because hey, that was her friend getting married up there. The food was delicious, the wine excellent, and dessert, plentiful. The location was truly spectacular – at our friend Bs place on Vashon Island, and everyone was delighted, just delighted to be there.

In case you’re wondering, no, Washington State doesn’t have gay marriage, though when you attend an event like this with beaming parents, effusive siblings, and others who are just bursting with delight at the sight of their friends finding love, you wonder who could possibly object.

We know marriage is no cakewalk – or , in this case, pie walk – but we wish the happy couple the very best future possible. And plenty of excellent pie.

Oh! You want to know what I played? Death Cab for Cutie. I’ll Follow You into the Dark. And a surprisingly workable cover duet (with the talented violin player) of Madonna’s Like a Prayer for the outward procession.

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11 thoughts on “The Perfect Northwest Wedding

  1. Thanks for the vicarious well wishing, I’ll make sure your kind thoughts are passed along. And we’re hoping for the day when our friends can marry legally right HERE and will be recognized nationwide.

  2. I’m pretty much with you on this whole wedding industry nonsense- but wow, what an amazing setting to give in to it in. Looks incredible. -X

  3. I liked your take on the DCFC song. It’s a loving but non-obvious choice, covering topics of position in the afterlife and a decision to bail on religion. Was this intentional?

    (and thanks for being such a warm host during our time out there)

  4. Best wishes to your friends! Of course, I adore weddings as a general rule, which is very odd, given the nature of my black heart. But for whatever reason I love them, and am happy that K and V were able to have such an intimate and unique ceremony surrounded by so many who love them.

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