Photo Friday: Point Defiance

My friend K. and I have had several successful photo excursion days. We get in the car and head out to …somewhere, not anywhere specific, to shoot photos of… something, nothing in particular. K. is a fine photographer and has been doing some nice work with a Lens Baby on his Nikon, I was psyched …
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Seattle Travelbloggers Meetup

Dunno about you, blogging readers, but lately, I find myself with questions. How do I get advertisers? Should I try to go to that trade show? Can I really spin the little vanity that is Nerd’s Eye View into an income earning proposition? Why, if everybody knows who I am and wants me to write …
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Soup Swap? Souptacular!

National Soup Swap Day 2009

Founder Knox Gardner points at the National Soup Swap map.

The original soup swap legend starts as follows: “In the dark times of the woolly sweater, nothing warms the soul as much as a bowl of home made soup…” Or, you know, something like that. Though it’s not so much the soul that’s warmed as the heart and the belly.

Soup Swap this year was the largest I’ve ever attended. A whopping 22 soups appeared in the middle of Dave and Carrie’s perfect new kitchen. The swapping was fierce and competitive as well known chefs in our midst delivered bribes of chocolate, tapioca, and impossible to resist home made bread.

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