Aloha, Washington

There was no town there before the big Hawaiian set up camp not far from the shingle mill where he worked. The loggers were terrified of him on first sight. He was big like the trees out there and truth be told, they were scared of the trees, too, no matter how many they brought …
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“Weren’t you here, like, five minutes ago?`’,  the tree said, looking down at me. “No, no — it’s been ages since we were out here last,” I responded, my neck craned upward. The tree rustled a little in the wind, I’m pretty sure it was laughing. “People,” the tree said. “They think they understand time!”

More Washington Coast Travel Tips

I was chatting on the phone with my pal K. this morning – he’s looking to wow his sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. My suggestion? There’s no need to buy “stuff” – instead, take your beloved somewhere romantic! We are big fans of the Washington Coast here at Nerd’s Eye View, the rugged landscape, the fog, …
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