The Reverend Green Forgives Everyone…

…even ukulele players. Hey, I never said I had skill or talent, only that I did, indeed, play the uke. This mangled version, mistakes and all, is based roughly on this one from Chordie. You should record yourself playing it and show me how it ought to be done. Happy Sunday.

Road Trip Almanac

It’s just about a month now since we rolled back in to Seattle. The Routan was unloaded and returned to VW’s fleet supplier pronto, but there’s still a pile of REI gear that I have to ship back along with a few other odds and ends. And part of my brain, or maybe it’s my heart, is still leaning back towards the Hi-Line, that northern Montana strip of road punctuated by old grain elevators and barbed wire fences and gas stations where time stopped in 1967. Regardless of the location of my head or heart, my body is firmly back at the keyboard. While I’m here, I thought I’d hammer out a recap of our trip.

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