PR Chat: New Media Strategies

It’s my public shame and embarrassment that a few months back, I missed a red-eye flight to Cozumel. I’d been invited on a press trip with a handful of other bloggers. I was packed and ready to go, I just had the date wrong in my head. I’m still taking heat for this — seasoned traveler blows flight! — but the one guy who’s never given me a hard time about it? The guy who invited me, Sean Carroll from New Media Strategies. For that, I’m really thankful, it was, after all, a mistake.

Not only did Sean not give me a hard time, but he helped connect the dots to set us — three bloggers on a road trip to Chicago for TBEX — up with a Routan minivan for our adventure. Talk about a good sport. Sean took time to answer a bunch of questions about PR and bloggers and how that relationship works. I did a series of these as part of our road trip, you’ll find the rest here. If you’re a blogger struggling with the hows and whys of PR relationships, they are an interesting read.

Below the jump — Sean’s answers to my questions.

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The Imaginary Afternoon

Camp Long is an uncrowded park off 35th in West Seattle. It’s got trails that wind through tall trees, some attractive ponds, a handful of cabins, a climbing wall, a very cool WPA era visitor’s center, and a big meadow for events. I was in an imaginative state of mind while walking through there with …
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Mistakes Rookies RVers Make

Disclaimer: BC Ferries and Camping and RV in BC sponsored our travels. With a week of RV camping behind me, I realize there’s still loads I don’t know about traveling by RV. I had wrongly assumed that because I have been a seasoned camper for many years, I would take to RV life as though …
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Damaged Goods and Dented Credit Cards

Disclaimer: BC Ferries and Camping and RV in BC sponsored our travels.

“Now’s the time,” I said to Walter, a positively bubbling 50 something man with a German accent, “when you tell me the worst you’ve seen.”

“You want the worst? The absolute worst? One time, I went to pick up a RV up in the Yukon and the entire side had been peeled away. The bathroom? It was completely gone. The whole thing was torn open. I had to tape up the sides. The guy I picked it up from said, “You have to DRIVE this back? GOOD LUCK!” This is when you look straight ahead, not to the right, not to the left, so you don’t see the people driving next to you shaking their heads and saying, “Stupid tourists!” What you’ve got here? This is nothing. Really. It’s nothing.”

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Hitchhiking in Nanaimo

Disclaimer: BC Ferries and Camping and RVing in BC sponsored our travels. We walked along the shoulder of road and Peter stuck his thumb out. The second or maybe third car pulled over, and picked all three of us up. “Going in to town?” the driver asked, and when we said yes, he told us …
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