Off to Cancun

“Cancun? Really? That doesn’t seem like your kind of place.”

I’ve heard that about sixty-three times, maybe more, since opportunities to go to the Mayan Riviera have shown up in my inbox. And yeah, looking at the massive developments along the strip in Cancun’s hotel zone, the critics have a point. I’m not a Vegas person, I’m not a shopping person, I’m not a resort person. Not really.

But Cancun is near enough to a few things that I love, I mean REALLY love, to have appeal. The first is Chichen Itza. I’ll be spending one day there, getting up early to board the bus and then, falling behind the tour group as I take pictures of this over-photographed monument. I love old stones and old stones stacked in complicated ways by civilizations gone by? Sign me up! Especially if those old stones have decorative embellishments in a sophisticated style.

The other thing that’s easily accessible from Cancun is snorkeling. Oh ho ho boy, do I love to look at fish. Man oh man. The jury, unfortunately, is out on whether I will have time to look at fish — I have a date at the resort on my second afternoon in Cancun and I’m not sure if I can get the fish looking in and still have time to make my date. You can bet that I’ll try, though, and yes, I will indeed shell out for a snorkel tour if that means I get to look at fish. Word has it that Isla Mujeres is an okay site for fish looking and my swimsuit is packed.

I’m also crazy, just crazy, about Mexican food. Guacamole. Tacos, tacos, and more tacos. Chicken in mole sauce. Juevos rancheros and rajas. Plus, did I mention, tacos! And do not overlook this: It is likely to be sunny and in the 80s in Cancun. Here in Seattle it is raining and in the 40s. Maybe Cancun isn’t my kind of place, who knows? But sunny and in the 80s? That is my kind of weather and I will take it when I can get it, even if it means I have to be in a resort community.

Given my “druthers”, I like quirky, independent places. I like apartments with kitchens. I like little hotels where the owner might live onsite or a block or two away. I like small and a little wacky, like me, mostly. But also, I like sunshine, old stones, snorkeling, and ceviche. So yeah, I’m off to Cancun for a few days, pass the chips, the guac, and the sunscreen.

FYI: Almost all of my expenses, including round trip airfare, are covered by Diamond PR, the company responsible for the “Blog Paradise” tour. I’m staying at the Marriott Casa Magna and my tour to Chichen Itza is hosted by the hotel.

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5 thoughts on “Off to Cancun

  1. If you can work your schedule so that you can make it over to Isla Mujeres, you should do it. The beaches there (especially at the national park) are absolutely gorgeous and the water is crystal-clear and full of fish. Seriously, we just could not believe how beautiful the water was.

  2. Crazy huge thunder and lightening storm with plenty of lluvea (rain) last night. Was lamenting my horseback riding tour, but today is sunny and warm.
    P.S. We’re meeting for Thai food tonight.
    Pass the guacamole. LOL!

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