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April is Guest Post Month

Welcome by alborzshawn via Flickr

29 guests are invited to my house. Bring something to share. Seriously. Just show up in my in-box, there’s nothing else to do.

I’m trying an experiment. I’d like to see if I can get 29 posts, one every day for the month of April. 29 posts, one every day, written by you. Why 29? I’m keeping April 1 so everyone knows it’s not a joke.

A few guidelines for my sanity.

  • Word count: 1200 words maximum. Count your words.
  • Travel stories only: No product/service/website pitches. No travel tips. No “how to be a better blogger” tips. No top 10 lists. No trip reports — “We went here, did this.” No. Stories, please.
  • Photo posts? YES! I’ll take a single photo post with a brief description, I love good photography. Send me a link to the image and your descriptive text.
  • Video? Sure as long as it’s a travel story! Send the embedding code.
  • Editorial crankiness: I’ll try to dial it back some but, I’m uppity about writing, so it’s going to be hard. With that in mind, I might not publish everything I get. This is old but still MOSTLY true. Check it out, it might help.

Want in? Send me your post with a title via email — my address is up there in the top right corner. Paste the text in the body of the email. If you want a photo, one ONLY, (make it count!), include a link to the photo. Scribble me a two or three line byline and make sure you’ve included a link to your blog so I can link back to you.


  • Second hand work? Sure, why not. I love a thrift store bargain. Some of my favorite things are second hand. It’s fine if it ran on your blog first. Please be sure you have the rights if it’s run somewhere else.
  • Aren’t you a tyrant about bloggers getting paid? You bet I am. By corporate entities, this means you, first name rhymes with Muffington, for example. But I actually do send out a guest post here and there. Not often, but usually because someone has asked real nice and it’s a good fit for what I do.
  • Can I pick my day? No, sorry. I’ll schedule posts as they come in.
  • I’m not a travelblogger…can I…? Hey, if it’s a travel story, you are in.

Questions? In the comments. And hey, thanks for playing!

Image credit: Welcome by alborzshawn via Flickr/Creative Commons

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8 Responses to “April is Guest Post Month”
  1. Victoria says:

    A fab idea! One question, does it have to be a previously unpublished post, or is it OK if it’s been on my blog already?

  2. Gary Arndt says:

    I’d be happy to offer up an image.

  3. Such a great idea! I’ll have a little fresh Maui action for you by Monday, April 12.

  4. lilalia says:

    Great idea. Going to try and submit something in the next days.

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  6. Sophie says:

    Room for another or are you all booked up with guest posts by now?

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