Let’s Get Away From It All

I learned it, now it’s your turn. You’ll find the chords for the arrangement I’m playing here, though I’ve replaced the Db9 with Gm7 and the C9 with C7 because my ears like it better that way. And hey, maybe some day I’ll learn to sing, but today is not that day.


Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein/I want to be a polar bear im kalten Polar/at the cold North Pole dann müßte ich nicht mehr schrei´n/Then I wouldn’t howl anymore alles wär so klar/everything would be all right. Eisbären müssen nie weinen./Polar bears must never cry. Eisbär is a 1981 Europop hit by the now defunct Swiss …
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Guest Post August

It went so well last time — though it was more work than I thought it would be — that I’m going to do it again. Doors are open, folks, August is potluck month at Nerd’s Eye View. I’d love it if you’d bring something to share. No, there’s no money in it, but good …
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Waiting for the Apocalpyse in Paradise

“Do you mind my asking? Are you Christian?” “No, no, I’m Jewish.” “Messianic? Orthodox?” I smile and shake my head. “Ha, no, I’m a West Coast Jew. I grew up in California.” I’m not sure Norman knows what I mean by this. “I’m not practicing,” I say, by way of explanation. “Have you been to …
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