Alki in Fog

Foggy Morning

I am very fond of rough beaches in less than ideal weather, of gray sand and salt spray, of decaying giant trees and screaming gulls and beach communities in the off season.

This morning I joined my friend Knox for coffee at Alki Beach. The air was thick with fog, the beach was almost empty, and the ships blew their fog horns to let everyone know were they were. We drank coffee from Pioneer and sat on the concrete steps while dog walkers and committed runners without day jobs rushed by, taking no time to wonder what that bird with the great wingspan flying low across the water was.

This is my home.

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3 thoughts on “Alki in Fog

  1. As someone who grew up on Vancouver Island (born in Port Alberni!), I miss stormy grey log-strewn beaches with wild waves. Why am I in Shanghai? I want to be drinking good strong coffee, watching the gulls.

    Thank you for the photo. Am homesick now.

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