One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Pictured: Gadgets and whatnots for my blogging trip to Antarctica.

inventorying my kit for Antarctica.

  • Uke tuner: I tune because I care.
  • Sopranino ukulele. From the delightful Maggie, this little uke is to remain shipboard with the crew after my journey.
  • Cable 1: For the Nikon battery charger
  • Cable 2: For the external hard drive
  • Battery 1: Extended battery for the video camera
  • JVC Everio HD video camera with standard battery
  • Cable 3: For charging the video camera batteries
  • Cable 4: For transferring images from the DSLR and the video camera to the laptop
  • Lumix battery charger
  • Nikon battery charger
  • 500 GB external hard drive for backing up photos
  • Pile o’ CF cards for the Nikon, including two 16GB cards
  • Panasonic Lumix pocket camera & 16GB card — shoots HD video and it’s great in low light
  • Nikon flash
  • Nikon fixed 50 in case I’m inspired to shoot portrait shots of crew and fellow passengers (and they let me).
  • Nikon D200 w/ 28-300 Nikkor lens

Not shown

  • Able Planet noise canceling headphones in pink plaid
  • Trek Pod Go! walking stick/tripod
  • MSI Wind netbook, hacked with enough RAM to run Photoshop and edit video
  • iPhone: used to take this photo and loaded with hours of This American Life podcasts

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7 thoughts on “One of These Things is Not Like the Other

    • Yes, I like the results. Speed? Uh, it works. It DOES have a lot of range, that’s why I like it. It’s crappy in low light conditions and it’s heavy.

      If you look at my Flickr stream, you’ll see the results It’s the one lens to rule them. It’s why I have it.

  1. Did NOT picture you a a pink plaid wearer, headphones or other wise. I’m afraid if you wear that with a green polka dot sweater, you may scare away all the penguins.

    brb, going to go see if Old Navy has a green polka dot sweater now.

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