2011 in Review

Whoa, did that happen? That was freaking amazing! Seriously, who gets to have a month like that, not to mention a whole YEAR? I didn’t earn a lot of money, but wow, I am dizzy with the wonder of what I did do.

Everyone’s a Critic, Especially Me

I made Some Random Dude mad at me last week. I posted a picture of what I thought was a travesty of an opening line from a travel piece in the Register-Guard, a paper out of Eugene, Oregon. The photo included the writer’s byline and the name of the paper.

Said line? “Recent reports of shark attacks on surfers not withstanding, there’s nothing like a visit to the coastal enclave of Seaside to rekindle one’s imagination of an early 20th century Pacific resort.”

On Defining Success

From time to time I get bogged down, lost in the weeds, wrapped up in all the sausage making and inside baseball stuff behind blogging. I’m genuinely interested in how this stuff goes down, after all, I owe a great deal to blogging. I write occasional commentary, meta crap that comes under the heading of …
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Forgotten But Not Gone

My Dad doesn’t really know who I am any more. I think he’s aware that he’s got a daughter out in the world, and that her name is my name, and she has certain qualities that I have, but he doesn’t associate those things with my physical self. Dad, who was a mathematician and a …
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A Hui Hou, Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill Tapia passed away at 103 years old. I got to meet him when he was approaching 99, he’d just bought a house and joked that he was on a 30 year mortgage. He was teaching at the Kalama Days of Discovery, a festival that acknowledges and celebrates the connection between Kalama, Washington and …
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