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My Passports with Purpose Picks

I believe *I* have the super awesome prize for this year’s Passports with Purpose hosted right here on Nerd’s Eye View. It’s a $1000 voucher good for any HomeAway stay — HomeAway being not just that vacation rental company, but also, a sponsor of PwP several years in a row. Because I’m a PwP founder, I don’t get to participate, and let me tell you, that gets in my gut, it does, because I have no shot at the whole “Ten bucks, do good, fabulous prize” thing. Nope, I’m totally on the insider “do good” track. Okay, that’s an awesome place to be, but if I could, I would. And here’s what I’d go after– besides that HomeAway voucher which some lucky duck is going to land…

  • Hosted by Kelsey Timmerman, an HTC Smartphone with one hour literary critique. Blah blah blah awesome new Windows phone blah blah blah. I’d totally be dialing that literary agent. I have aspirations and agents, they’re BUSY. This guy will read your stuff and he’s recommended — I want that. Bad.
  • Hosted by Peter Carey, $150 worth of photo gear rental. I have lens lust and an empty wallet. I’ve been wondering what a really really really good telephoto does, and a wide angle lens. They’re stupidly expensive, I don’t have that kind of dough. This would give the chance to noodle with some totally pro stuff.
  • Hosted by Julie Gallaher, a week at the Rancho la Puerta Spa. Dude, I’m out of shape. I need help. I’m not getting on The Amazing Race like THIS, plus, I love cake. I need help. I need intervention. I need a massage, also. That would be nice.
  • Hosted by John and Andrea, five nights in Budapest at the Town Hall apartments. Vienna’s sister city, just up the Danube? Yes, PLEASE. I’ve been wanting to go to Budapest for the longest time — I need to know if the Hungarians are as serious about cake as the neighboring Austrians. (See above under: I love cake.)
  • Hosted by Gary Arndt, one year of Boingo wifi. More and more airports are using Boingo for their wifi. Also, I am in more and more airports. You do the math.

There’s a few more days — we close PwP fundraising on December 16th at midnight. What are you after? What are your top PwP prize picks?

Sponsor love: We really do love them. Thanks, Round the World with Us, Traveller’s Point, and HomeAway. Thanks so much for your continued support.

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3 Responses to “My Passports with Purpose Picks”

  1. Holy cow. Didn’t even know Gary was giving away the Boingo wi-fi! Time to donate an extra $10. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Phil says:

    Ahem, I don’t think there’s any need to draw any more attention to the HomeAway voucher. In fact, I think these other prizes you mentioned are far better. I mean it’d be nice to have a $1000 voucher and all, but then you have to go through the hassle of actually choosing a place to stay etc. etc. etc. ;)

  3. I was looking at the Kindle Fire. But then again, I have a Kindle 2 which does the job. And an iPad. Budapest does sound tempting though.

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