I’m the Girl in the Band

Here‘s an incredibly stupid and annoyingly catchy pop song that I think we might have to learn. Left to right: Ed Viars, Jim Abernethy, The Girl in the Band, Mark Bader, Pete Harris Photo by my pal LLY. Mad props, she caught me leaning back into it.

Lantern Floating for Memorial Day

Without question, the most beautiful and moving thing I’ve done on Memorial Day was attend the Honolulu Lantern Floating Festival. The lanterns are free (leave a donation if you like) Stop by the tent and write a message to your ancestors (or whoever you feel you’ve lost) on a paper lantern. Then, after a spectacular …
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Word Count: 20,059

Several months back, I had dinner with my friend Lisa. I whined at her about how I was having a terribly hard time with a story I was — am stillĀ  — trying to write about a a week I spent in Hawaii at music camp. Actually, I whined at a lot of people about …
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Inside baseball, friends. Not interested? Here’s a story about that time I went on safari in Tanzania. Man, that was amazing. Over the last year or so, I’ve been culling a lot of my social media feeds. I’m unfriending, unsubscribing, unfollowing. The reason for this dieting? There’s been a marked shift in the tone of …
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Breaking Badass

I snapped a string on stage last night. The Castaways were playing Loverboy’s Working for the Weekend. It’s a fun song to play, it’s fast and drives, and even though I don’t know how to do the fancy chord progression, I feel like I’m part of it because of the beat underneath. I was hammering …
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Yeah, But Why? Really, WHY?

I’ve been rolling an idea around in my head for a few months, this idea that there seems to be a shift in the landscape of blogging about travel. Rather than define this for you now, I’m asking you to help me confirm or invalidate my sense of how things are going. I’d love to …
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