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At First and Pike, Downtown Seattle

The series I’ve been writing for Skye – letters to Commander Hadfield on the ISS — is here.

“Nothing magical there.” I disagree. Without gravity, everything seems magical to the earthbound. Just for grins, I went into the bathroom and picked up my own toothbrush. When I let go of it, it fell into the sink.

A piece I wrote about how it’s okay to just blog, you don’t have to have a money making strategy, is here on the TBEX (Travelblog Exchange) blog.

You’d expect the answer to this question to be an established plan of strategizing, optimizing, monetizing, and socializing. Here’s your rule book, travel blogger, go forth and prosper. Instead, I have a much shorter answer to that question. How do I make money travel blogging? I don’t.

My advice on how to get the best damn aloha shirt possible is on Lonely Planet, here.

The noble aloha shirt deserves more than to be dismissed as a piece of trivial tackiness. It’s a piece of fashion history. And you can wear it with grace and style.

My take-down of Kickstarter funded vacations is on Gadling, here.

…anyone who donates get this pleasure, no, let’s be realistic, honor, of supporting your travels. Open a Kickstarter fund for your travels and ask total strangers to pay for them. You’re doing them a favor, really.

An essay I wrote about visiting the Halawa Valley in West Moloka’i is here [pdf download].

He was a tough-looking guy in board shorts and a T-shirt, but he had a big, easy smile. “I’ve heard about you …” I started, and he told me, yeah, he’s that guy. He’s the one who scowls at trespassers, the one who gives grief to visitors who ignore the “kapu” signs that dot the inland side of the road.

So, no, I haven’t updated the blog for a while — but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Travel-wise, I have Germany, Austria, and Toronto on deck, but I plan to spend summer at home playing music with my band. We’re hard at work planning our second video and recording a full length album. If you’re in Seattle, come see us and say hi.

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