Thank You.

Oh, hey. Sorry, I thought I was dreaming, but I’m awake and you’re still here. Thanks for that. I mean it. The fact that you keep showing up here to wander around inside the messy place that is my brain means… Some of you for nearly fifteen years. Yeah, that long. And you’re still here. …
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Azerbaijan is Ready for Mass Tourism, Almost

carpet museum
Baku’s latest pride and joy, the Carpet Museum

TL:DR? They’re working on it. They have all the components, but the people putting the engine together need more training and new tools.

It was after 7pm on a Monday night when I received the email inviting me to a press trip in Azerbaijan, barely three weeks away. The invitation was so odd, with its ongoing late night infomercial but-wait-there’s-more tone, that I had to read it twice to be sure it wasn’t extremely well targeted spam. The capper of this hard-sell invite was the equally hilarious and sad line, “Best of all, it is one of the few locations in that region free from any religious strife!” There wasn’t an exclamation point in the actual email, but it was implied.

Though my history with press trips has been spotty, I was intrigued by the destination. Azerbaijan was in an entirely new realm for me – kind of Central Asia, kind of the Middle East — though the people there insist they are in fact the gateway from Europe to Asia. Europe agrees, apparently, because Azerbaijan participates in the Eurovision Song Contest, even hosting the event in 2012 per tradition after their 2011 win, and will host the 2015 Euro Games

The most discouraging/frightening part was the schedule. I’d be flying across 10 time zones, more than 25 hours in transit each way, for barely three days on the ground ,then flying right home. My request to fly in early or stay late was denied without explanation. My ass ached just thinking about it. But like many travel writers, my curiosity about the unknown is far more powerful than my self-preservation instincts, so I agreed to go.

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Skyway Luggage

Skyway started making luggage in 1910. The company still exists as a brand, owned by Ricardo Beverly Hills, though it looks like their luggage is made in China now, no surprises there.  The old Skyway building, which was once their headquarters, sold to a music company in 2012 but it’s still wearing a For Sale …
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Guest Post: In the Dust of Kayaköy

“Peace is the tranquility of order.” This quote from St. Augustine opened one of the tiny devotional books I used for meditation when I was in high school. The declaration, as I understood it, made sense to me; indeed it seemed self-evident that observing rules, keeping things in their designated places, approaching tasks methodically, and …
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