I’m Going to Trinidad

My friend A. was invited on a press trip and could not go, so he recommended the organizers take me instead. “You’ll love it,” he said, “the music there is amazing. You should go.” I filled out the paperwork and traded email with the PR gal who’s organizing the trip. “I don’t have an assignment, …
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Where the Story Starts

It’s hardly a state secret that the Austrians weren’t very nice during WWII. Yes, there was a resistance movement, there’s always a resistance movement. But we all know what happened. The Nazis robbed and murdered millions of people. After the war, Austria quietly integrated stolen art into its museum collections and returned to their genteel …
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I’m supposed to curse dandelions because I have a lawn, but I just can’t. They look like little universes of exploding stars. And a friend reminded me that Carl Sagan’s original Spaceship of the Imagination was shaped like a dandelion seed, so now that they’re mostly blown away, I wonder where they’ve gone.  

Elsewhere, Vanity Link Edition

  I wrapped up my cake series over on Gadling with this short expose about Vienna’s iconic Sachertorte. Podcast producer Katy Sewell came over while my friend Jessica Spiegel was in town — Katy interviewed both of us about freelancing and expat life. Spoiler alert: I was an unhappy expat. My friend Alex asked me …
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The Matzo Ball Soup Waffle

I hate it when food bloggers bury the recipe all the way down the page. I’m all, “JUST TELL ME WHAT IS IN IT!” Let my people waffle, already. Here’s how to make your own matzo ball soup waffles. It’s easy. This makes four waffles, you’re probably going to want more, they’re that good. One …
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