Stuff I Liked Last… Month: “Where’d February Go?” Edition

The first doctor told me that he’d seen cases of it taking more than a month to go away. The second one — the one who put me on antibiotics after two full weeks of feeling like I’d been tossed from a moving vehicle — told me she ended up in the emergency room with her own version of the hellish virus that ate my February. I hadn’t been this sick since I got floored with pneumonia back in the 90s.

If you asked where the hell I disappeared to (I’m looking at you, Katrina), well, thank you. I was, as they say in the medical profession, Really Fucking Sick. Okay, they don’t say those words exactly.

I surfaced a few days ago and have been struggling to get caught up on my projects; even the production tasks feel like a respite from the foggy tedium of codeine laced cough medicine and fatigue and… oh, this is so boring and I am done whining now. Mostly. I sure would like those three weeks back.

There were little windows in my virus ridden existence that did not completely suck. In the hopes of getting back into the swing of things, here’s a round up of stuff I liked while fighting the good fight.

A note: I have stopped adding Amazon links to these posts. I would really LIKE to continue using them, but, well, this. I’m linking to other places. Dammit, Amazon, Get it together. 

Zipbuds: I’ve gone through too many sets of earbuds to mention, including shelling out for some fancy names, they all break. I got a set of Slide Sport Zipbuds a while back and hey, they broke too. BUT. They have a lifetime guarantee and a super low hassle return policy.  I had a new pair in hand just a few days after checking in with Zipbuds. It’s so rare that you get real customer service anymore. I was delighted, plus, I have new earbuds. Here’s a 15% off code [THANKYOU15] go get yourself a pair here, pronto, before the code expires.

All the President’s Men: The typewriters. The feathered hair. The wide collars. The sexy, sexy, shoe leather journalism that happened nowhere near the White House briefing room. Oh man. It was good to be reminded how long it took to bring Nixon down and how patient, persevering research pays off. I don’t feel like we have two years to get at the current administration, it feels so much more dangerous, but I appreciated the reminder that the news doesn’t come from Sean Spicer. It comes from getting in your old Volvo and knocking on doors and asking for coffee refills because you sense you don’t have the story yet. The settings in the movie have aged, but the story hasn’t.

Rigby and Mordecai raking leaves and drinking coffee (Cartoon Network)
Rigby and Mordecai raking leaves and drinking coffee (Cartoon Network)

The Regular Show: What the hell, how is it none of you told me about Rigby and Mordecai? I gotta find out on my own at Season 8, the last one? I am a grown up who is unashamed that I like cartoons and well written weird ones with classic rock/pop songs woven through as the sound track? WHY DID NONE OF YOU TELL ME?

I just watched the episode with the grilled cheese and the astronauts and oh, go find yourself some Regular Show, already.

Jess gives Harley the “What the hell?” look when he questions her comma stylings.

The Washington Coast: I spent the last days of my recovery at a vacation rental on the Long Beach Peninsula with my friend Jess (and our guys, and Harley the Dog). We used the sun room as a co-working space and spent the rest of the time knitting, cooking, generally lolling about with no particular agenda. There was one spectacular day — it was downright warm on on the sand — and Harley ran all over the place. It was impossible to observe his unleashed enthusiasm without bursting out in laughter.

Willapa Bay, Late Afternoon, Low Tide

The Washington Coast is wildly unpredictable for weather — we had torrential rain, warm sunshine, and even some snow. I love the drive along Willapa Bay and it is never a bad thing to look at the great expanse of the Pacific disappearing over the horizon.

Oh, I wrote some things! 

So, hey. I am still here. Go figure. How about you? Are you still out there?

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3 thoughts on “Stuff I Liked Last… Month: “Where’d February Go?” Edition

  1. Welcome back! I am sorry you had to endure the Hell of the Possessed Immune System. I have missed your thoughtful words. Thank you for this post – I, too, am an adult who absolutely loves cartoons. I don’t have cable anymore, but I will find The Regular Show. Sounds right up my alley. And the coast? I haven’t lived with a dog for many years, but I think one of my all time favorite things is seeing a dog tear-assing up and down a big beach. It just makes me smile.

  2. I felt a void on the Internet last month and had to reach out and ask (because we all need a break from Trump news). Glad you’re on the mend of Really Fucking Sick, Pam. I hope HtD upped his nursing game and brought you all the medicinal hot toddies a recovering writer needs. Plus, daylight savings soon and the spring equinox. Less seasonal affective disorder blahs, more sunlight and serotonin for all.

  3. Thank you for including the link to Eva Holland’s article on birding. Such a beautiful piece. Read it to my husband this morning as our flu-recovering bodies were draped across the couch. Umwelt for the unwell. (Sounds like we’re all getting this bug.)

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