I’m 54 Today, Ask Me Anything

Harley the Dog was troubled by something last night. He paced and grumbled and woofed and at one point, he hid under the bed. I could not locate the issue of his woes, though the street sweeper did come through and he hates the street sweeper. Thing is, he’d been up for hours, woken me multiple times over the course of the night to warn me of… something. He wouldn’t go outside, he wouldn’t settle with me, nothing would calm him. Finally, around 3am, he let me wrap him tight in his blanket and we both got a little bit of sleep.

So I look lousy this morning, the circles under my eyes are darker than usual. I have work to do, thankfully, it’s not stuff I need to meet in person to complete, and we are going on an adventure, which means I have to put my sleep deprived self behind the wheel of a car and that is not ideal. But here I am at 54, sleepy, in the company of my stalwart and somewhat neurotic companion, facing the day, the year.

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9 thoughts on “I’m 54 Today, Ask Me Anything

  1. “anything” is really wide open… it’s a bit offer. I wouldn’t want to let a chance like that go by… I read your post, ‘Eight Nights, More Lights’, and though it didn’t make me cry, it did bring on a lot of thoughts about identity… and how important the distant past could possibly be, as long as we’re having a good life where and when we’re living. My question… and maybe I wouldn’t have to ask it if I read many more posts… is what is it about life that is most precious to you? What makes you truly happy that you’re alive? And how often does that happen? With best wishes for your birthday. May this be a year of success and joy for you.

    • Well, I would love to be able to answer that question in a sunshine-y short of way, Shimon, but if you read my post about the fog, you’ll see it’s pretty hard for me to do that right now. I can tell you that the most present thing that gives me joy is my dorky little rescue dog Harley. He’s a delight, always.

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