Guest Post: African Reunion

“Are you going to Africa?” the driver asked as I sat down in my taxi to the Seattle airport. Were my REI conversion pants were a giveaway? “Yes,” I told him, “I’m headed to Tanzania.” “I knew it! When you got in the cab I was immediately happy,” he shouted. As a college student in …
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The Opposite of Africa

This is how you know you are in Africa—when the houses, roads, the tires on your car, and even the soles of your feet become stained red-orange from the iron-rich soil that covers so much of this great continent. Wearing sunglasses heightens the red color so that the land just seems to glow like a …
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The Madagascar Journals

I don’t post link roundups anymore, I use Facebook for sharing and I rarely hand over what is, to me, prime real estate, for other people’s stories. I am, as you know, a terrible snob about what people call “content.” I actually hate the word “content” because in my mind it equates with “filler” and …
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On Safari

Eli has a smile that would shame the noon day sun. It breaks through the morning darkness, I recognize him before I recognize anyone else at the early camp fire. “Good morning, Eli,” I say, and he says the same thing, always, “Are you ready? Good to go?” sweetly, in his Tanzanian accented English. We …
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East Africa Slideshow

Can’t see the pictures? Try this link. My travels to East Africa were sponsored by Intrepid Travel as part of their “classic journeys” campaign.” Most – but not all – of my expenses were paid for by Intrepid Travel.