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A Sixty Mile Nap

Out the car window on I5

I fell asleep in the car on the interstate. There was a big stormy sky all around, and the trucks threw great plumes of water across the windshield but I slept anyway. I had piled the coats on top of me and turned up the heat, not quite all the way, and the rain and the hum of the tires made for a white noise road trip lullaby. I had a cold, the kind that sends you into a four or five day lethargy and sends your mate off to the pharmacy for remedies that may or may not work, but make you feel better for having them on the bedside table.… continued...

Pictures from the Bike

My hands hurt from the cold. To get to the flat part of the trail, I drop nearly 800 feet to the waterfront and then, turn north. That drop is fast, so the wind runs right through me, my eyes tear up and my fingertips ache inside my gloves. It doesn’t seem to matter how many layers I’m wearing, the cold slices in and that’s it, I’m chilled for the rest of the day. It doesn’t help that I have a change of clothes or that I drink endless cups of ginger tea or that I have tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch and I tuck the hot sandwich inside my jacket so I can get the heat off it while I walk back to work to eat it.… continued...

Things I Liked Near Bend, Oregon

Thanks to the folks at Eagle Crest Resort, the husband and I were able to spend a few fall days exploring central Oregon. Here’s a list of things that I thought were totally worthwhile in the region. Links will take you to practical information about these places, I’m just giving you the “why.”

The Sparrow Bakery: Bend. This baked goods snob likes a bakery with a line out front, she considers it a good sign.… continued...


A Long Drive in Central Oregon

The drive from Seattle to central Oregon gets better when you leave the interstate behind. The road curves around the lower flanks of Mount Hood through pine forests. In late summer it’s still hot but because this year has been rainy, things are green and the air smells fresh. At each third bend or so, the mountain appears, a cartoon-y snow-capped mountain that looks exactly like the kind of mountain a small child would draw, blue and gray with white outline of snow at the top.… continued...

Three Bridges at the Crooked River Gorge

“We’ve been here before,” the husband said. “We walked out here and looked over the edge, but the bridge was still used by cars. We drove over it.”

“What were we doing? Coming back from Montana? Idaho? That was years ago. 1996? 1997? When did we make that trip to the Rockies? It must have been then.”

The Crooked River, Old Bridge Shadow

Things looked new, but felt familiar. It was dry and hot and we were looking over the waist high wall into a 300 foot drop.… continued...