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Gearing Up

Last week, while we were visiting, my mom asked “us kids” what we thought about the Kindle. “Yeah, like I need to carry around another piece of electronic STUFF,” was my response. The truth is, I kind of like the idea of an iPad, eReader, some third thing that is especially designed for reading, after all, I like books, I like to read, and I like the idea of a hand held lightweight device for doing that reading on.… continued...

Travel Gear I Love: Merrell Shoes

It was my fault. I wrecked them by letting the tide catch me, but until the salt of the Pacific destroyed them, my Merrell mary janes were the “don’t leave home without them” shoes. I had worn down the soles but good by wearing them, well, everywhere. They were functional, I could wear them to ride my bike or to guide my guests all over the cobblestones of Salzburg. They were cute enough to wear with a skirt or dress if I needed to clean up.… continued...

Traveler’s To Do List

  • Charge camera batteries
  • Empty CF cards
  • Check Seat Guru for bad seats
  • Check in for outbound flight on line
  • Print boarding pass
  • Gather contact phone numbers including 800 numbers for airlines
  • Update the iPod
  • Set the alarm clock
  • Leave itinerary with at least two people
  • Check weather at destination
  • Gather creature comforts for the flight: snacks, reading material, travel slippers, etc…
  • Check TSA and airline sites for absurd new requirements
  • Decide what to wear on the plane
  • Calm down, already