Wish You Were Here

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I have no pretense of being any GOOD at this. It’s just to show you that any @#$%*& can play the uke. Even me. I ain’t fishing for compliments, neither. [tags]Pink Floyd, ukulele[/tags]

Warmed Up

Hey, are these salad tongs yours? What about that nice cream colored bowl with the green stripe around the top? It sits next to the primroses – we do not know who brought them, either. We seem to have more beer and brownies than when we started – how can this be? We have plenty …
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Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant

Hing Loon has hand written placards taped to almost every available bit of wall space. “Deep fried tofu hot pot,” they say, and “Country style pancake with shrimp” and “Radish with fish ball.” You can order your dinner without opening a menu, if you like, and you won’t miss out. The food arrives fast and …
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Uke it Up at NW Folklife Festival

This weekend is Folklife Weekend in Seattle. If you find yourself craving that certain musical combination of nerdiness, mixed ethnicity, and crunch, Folklife is for you! Folklife is also a big event for the good people of the Seattle Ukulele Player’s Association – a large contingent shows up to play and it’s a Good Time. …
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