Two Hawaiis

I suppose there’s a reason I’ve not spent any time in West Oahu before. No one tells you to go there, no one says, oh, you’ve got to go check out the beaches around Nanakuli or Waianae, no one says anything, really about West Oahu to mainland visitors like me. And as the suburbs dwindle, …
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The Queen’s Birdcage

There isn’t much by way of furnishing in the Queen’s imprisonment room. There’s a little white bed, a rather ornate love seat sized sofa, and a dresser.  There’s a large crazy quilt displayed under Plexiglas, it’s beautiful and sad, but not as sad as the little Chinese birdcage that stands empty on top of the …
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Ukulele Diplomacy

I’m delighted to tell you that my audio piece about ukulele diplomacy is up at World Hum. And the uke you hear in the background? That’s me. Go here to listen.