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I’m taking a month off from blogging. It’s not a joke, though yes, this is April 1.

For the month of April, I’ve got a whole line up of posts ready to go. And none of them, not one, were written by me. I threw the doors open, invited 29 bloggers in, and for the next 29 days, you’ll read their posts – and, in some cases, see their photos or videos — here on Nerd’s Eye View.

For one month I decided to tell my inner editor to shut the hell up and let other people just write, mostly. I figured, why not make it a potluck with some very limited guidelines — there needs to be a travel angle, it’s best if there’s a story in there. Sort of the editorially equivalent of “bring what you like, but no red meat, okay?” And yes, I have a very limited number of slots left, first come first serve. Details here.

There’s bound to be something here you’ll like, and maybe you’ll try something and think, “Meh, that’s not for me.” For the posts you like, I hope you’ll leave a comment saying so. For the posts you don’t like, I hope you’ll stick around because every day, it’s going to be something different.

And for everyone that brought something to share, thank you! I don’t host a lot of gatherings, but once or twice a year I like to throw open the doors, start the grill, and have my friends, who are all over the planet — wow, really, there’s stuff here from everywhere! — get to know each other.

And hey, a suggestion for you. Do you know about the Community Keynote at TBEX? If  you didn’t get a guest spot here (or even if  you did!) but still want a place to tell your great travel story, think about submitting your writing for TBEX 10. Learn more here.

Enjoy, and see you in May!

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