No Big Deal


In case you’re curious…

1. I said something effusive and emotional on Twitter after Commander Hadfield released Is Somebody Singing. (Yes, I spend too much time on Twitter. Or do I?)

2. Jim Benning, my editor from World Hum — who also edits for Skye — caught it and said, “Hey, I have this idea… are you game?” (People. Good editors are an endangered species. We need to get  the WWF on this issue.)

3. We signed a contract and for about two months now, I’ve been writing letters to Commander Hadfield. Unanswered, but hey, I get it, the guy is running the ISS.

4. I’m awake at 2:30 am, restless with jetlag and check my email. There’s Jim saying, “Uh, you should look at Twitter.”

5. There’s no fifth thing. But hey, anything can happen, right?

Look, I get it, it’s no big deal, it’s just a short note from space.


Plus, I am picturing him knocking around the ISS attic of floating objects: “High school yearbook, um, no, uh, tennis racket, no, vintage radio, we were totally going to fix that thing, X-Men lunch box, man, that would pull a fortune on Ebay, oh, here it is! Here’s that ukulele! I knew it was here somewhere!”


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5 thoughts on “No Big Deal

  1. The minute I saw that Tweet, I thought…Google hangout duet w/ Pam and the Commander….The fairy dust is working wonders, why not add a little moon dust to the mix? 🙂

  2. Even my brother, who is not easily impressed, was kinda gaga about this. He said “she is so lucky, and SHOULD be all twinkly. after all, only about 500 humans EVER have been in space and she is conversing with one as he is up there. Wow.” I second that wow, and add my thanks for you turning me on to Cmdr Hadfield so I could see his pictures/art from space.

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