Seattle Gray

My friend Knox is doing all the routes in Seattle Stairway Walks and he invited me to join him on today’s walk around West Seattle’s Pigeon Point neighborhood. It was dull gray all day long, but still good to get outside.

Guest Post: Signs

By Katrina Woznicki My first encounter with a gun happened in 1985 near my house in rural upstate New York. I was hitting my neighbor—a girl across the street who was a bit of a bully. She was two years younger than me, but about my size, and had been calling me names. It was …
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More Pie

There was a time, more than a decade ago, when I would take a trip purely for the pleasure of doing so. And while I did scribble a note to an editor friend about this trip to Arizona in hopes of perhaps landing a story, I intentionally left it vague. “If there’s something there, can …
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