Other Places

There is no need to go hunting for inspiration or the wonders of the natural universe, you can see them from everywhere, even from the uncomfortable back bench seat of a rented minivan. I’ve got a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about visiting Sedona. I’m grateful to have visited there before their latest political …
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Snowed in Philly

The day before the winter storm warning was released, I got an email from my editor. “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, your story has been delayed. We still need it, we’re still going to run it, but probably not until summer.” I looked at my tickets — I was leaving in the morning and thought, “What …
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Stealing a Look at Stolen Art

Barnes Foundation Gallery

I’m in Philadelphia on assignment for an inflight magazine. What follows is not that story. FYI — Because I’m on assignment, nearly all of my travel expenses, including the entrance fee to the museum I write about here, are covered by Visit Philly, the city’s tourism office. Dear Dr. Barnes, I want you to know …
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