Postcard from RussiAlaksa

“Hi!” “Well, hello. How come you’re not inside?” “I’m hot blooded. I was getting too hot in there. I’m warm blooded in the summer and cold blooded in the winter, I save up all my summer heat for winter and burn it off then.” “Are your parents in there?” “My dad is. And my sister. …
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Blundering Through History

Medieval Jewish Cemetery, Prague

An internet friend recently committed what I thought a colossal blunder — he disregarded the published rules at a Holocaust memorial in Berlin and then, blogged about it. With pictures. I was critical because he failed to provide social and historical context for his actions. Truthfully, I was less offended than I was surprised and …
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Ask Me Anything, I’m a Travel Expert!

People told me to forget about seeing the Liberty Bell while in Philadelphia, that the crowds would be too much. Amateurs! They did not know that your best shot at seeing the Liberty Bell is to arrive in February in conjunction with a city paralyzing snow storm. (Ask me anything! I’m a travel expert!) I …
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