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Freelance technical writing pays my bills. In between tech gigs, when finances allow, I travel.

I’ve been a contributor to Conde Nast Traveler, Afar, World Hum, Gadling, BlogHer, and Divine Caroline, been featured on National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog and Perceptive Travel,  and written for a handful of food, travel, and in-flight magazines. I’ve done a little radio, which I love — I’ve recorded two stories for NPR’s WGBH Boston station, spoken about Hawaii and Antarctica for This Arctic Life out of Anchorage, had a micro-second of time on Rudy Maxa’s World, and been a repeat guest on the This Week in Travel podcast. I’ve worked on two guidebooks — BC and Hawaii — for Thomas Cook. And I’ve spoken about travel  — and blogging and social media –  at Book Passage, SxSW, Blog World Expo, BlogHer, TBEX, The Adventure Travel Show, The Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism, and Travel and Words. I’m a cofounder of Passports with Purpose, a group that raises money for causes that resonate with travelers, and SCOOT, the Seattle Consortium of Online Travel, an informal annual event that explores topics at the intersection of the online world and travel.

But mostly, I love to write stories about travel – from local field trips to big adventures – with my whole heart. That’s why I have this blog.

I travel as much as possible with my Austrian husband. We’ve refined the car camping road trip in to an art form and hit the highway every chance we get. Husband takes many of the pictures you’ll see on the site, he’s got an excellent eye and deserves credit. Plus, he can pitch the tightest tent you’ve ever seen. My last big trip was to Antarctica to blog for TravelWild, a polar expedition company, and let me tell you, it was unbelievable.

I play the ukulele, try to cook fish every Wednesday, and sometimes I make some art. I speak passable yet twangy German, and love to eat dessert.

I used to divide my time between Seattle and a small town in Austria, but now we live in West Seattle and pretend we’re in a beach community with the city just…over…there. Sometimes, if the weather is right, I can smell the ocean while standing in my back yard.

About the “nerd” thing

The word “nerd’ has completely changed its connotations over the last few years. No longer the dorky sport-challenged awkward teenagers of the planet, nerds are the people with the cool jobs. They’re nerdtastic. They’re nerdalicious. They’re, to paraphrase the nerdiest of bands, They Might Be Giants, “flying their freak flags higher and higher.”

I’m not even sure if I’m a nerd anymore. But I was once. And it’s from the wondering sense, the idea that just about everyone and everything is way cooler than I am, that I try to write Nerd’s Eye View.

Can I write for you?

I’m always looking to pick up writing gigs. If you’re hiring writers – freelance and/or contract only – and would like to see a resume or some samples, drop me a line at pam (at) nerdseyeview (dot) com. You’ll find some of my web and travel writing in the links below – but if you’d like to see more technical stuff I do that too. I’m well versed in online help, functional specs, and making sense of technical issues for consumers. I’ve done lots of work with digital media, from DJ software to HDTV to digital photography, and I’ve worked on documenting mobile applications, CRM solutions, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m kind of expensive, but I’m freaky fast. Don’t take my word for it, though, I encourage you to check my references.

Speaking Engagements

I genuinely enjoy participating in public discussions about travelblogging and related issues. I’ve participated in panels and keynotes at:

  • SxSW
  • Book Passage
  • BlogHer
  • Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism
  • Adventure Travel Show
  • TravelBlog Exchange (TBEX)
  • Seattle Consortium of Online Travel (SCOOT)
  • Travel and Words

Technical notes

I use WordPress, I don’t know why you’d blog with anything else. My hosting service is HostGator. Their website sucks but their pricing is cheap and I get decent service from them on the phone. I get tech help now and then, but I manage everything else, including upgrades and regularly breaking the design, on my own. I use Flickr for my photostream – I stripped most of the graphics out of the badge.  We have three cameras, an older Canon Rebel and I have a not that great but I’d die without it 35-200mm Sigma lens that I do most of my shooting with, (broken in Bangkok), a Nikon D200, and a Panasonic Lumix. Oh, and a five dollar tripod that I got at a garage sale. I have a whole mess of ukuleles, but my favorite one is still the Flea, Georges. He’s always at my side and yeah, I can play Georgia but not without a chord sheet.

More questions?

Email me at pam (at) nerdseyeview (dot) com. And hey, I’m on Twitter – nerdseyeview, of course.

Copyright notice

All text, photos, graphics, artwork and other material on Nerd’s Eye View are copyrighted and may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.


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