Fish Wednesday

I’m tellin’ ya, you might want to call ahead and make reservations. That’s sushi quality tuna, marinated in tamari and ginger and cooked medium rare, served with wasabi and seaweed, spinach sauteed in sesame oil, browned ginger slices, all on a bed of soba noodles.

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5 thoughts on “Fish Wednesday

  1. Oh God!

    I wasn’t ready for that stunning food pic … sigh. I’ll go put some tomatoes on toast for my lunch over here in Europe, where it’s about 13oC again.

  2. what are you doing cooking sushi grade tuna?

    my travelocity fare watcher just let me know that there are flights from here to there for under $160. is there room available?

  3. At least we didn’t OVERcook our sushi quality tuna, eh?

    And that wasabi blasted my sinuses but good for the rest of the millenium, I think. Next time, a little wasabi/sesame oil/tamari sauce will be made.

    We won’t have tomatoes for AGES if this weather keeps up, so don’t diss the red deliciousness.

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