Stommish Pow Wow

We went up to Lummi Island this morning to help our friend K. pack – he’s sold his place and needed some extra hands. Because of our super efficiency, we took the 1pm ferry off the island and still had plenty of time to drop in on the Stommish Carnival.

Our timing was unbelievable – we arrived just in time for the Pow Wow Grand Entry. All the colors were amazing and there were so many feathers around I thought I might sprout wings any minute. I got to taste salmon roe – the tribal elder who shared his with me joked, “Keep in mind, when you eat a salmon egg you’ve got a whole fish in your mouth!”

After lunch, we watched the war canoes take off, we listened to the chanting, watched some dancing, and we took a few pictures.

I love the Pacific Northwest.

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4 thoughts on “Stommish Pow Wow

  1. What a wonderful suprise — looking up what has done for the festival. I’m sorry — allow me to introduce myself… I’m PHREDDIE LANE. Events Director of the Lummi Stommish Water Festival ( .
    Realistically, I’m proud to say that when you can dream it —
    DO IT!!! I’m probably the youngest of our Stommish Committee, but as Director — our Board of Directors did all the work and seeing through you eyes, remindes me that we all come from respectful cultures… On the Stommish Committee — I bring them them together…dream…flush out the drama of problems and obstacles — and then I advised them on the Directional outcome you can expect… Its the best group of People I’ve work with my whole life. So I’m proud of the Stommish Committee, cause this Thursday we planning for “the 61st Stommish” and the future of Stommish….and as you see, we are making some strides and chancing the New avenues with music and entertainment that is making The Stommish Experience — one to remember.

    But I appreciate all the photographs — I’m 38 YO and I took the stance and convinced my team “Let’s do,” Seeing the results and your pictures sshhhhhhhhaaadt….I’ll be designing my own websites before this year is out!!!
    Hey, but Realistivally — Stommish is something I’ve dreamt about all my life — since I was a kid… And not that I’m not still a kid, but I love sharing our communities and your photo’s have proven a great milestone in achieving these bridges that are so important to share with the world…. Again Thank You…

    Currently, our Stommish Committee is making preparations for 2007 — cause there is an even Greater Gathering to top of the summer of 2007. It called “The “Paddle to Lummi” — Traveling the highways of our Ancestors” Canoe Journey 2007. July 30th – August 4th, 2007. You’ve got the scoop on it, but by week’s end, we’ll have

    FYI: If you’d like you photographs on the website as a slide show, please let me know — we’re compileing all the visuals and event results for — this week. I can do it for you — we would need permission and a link that we can use for you… Think about it? Again, I’m Phreddie Lane, the hardest working Lummi — working in the Show Business (on the rez). Take Care and much respect…

  2. Hi I just have some questions about the Paddle to Lummi. I went to the website and it didn’t really tell me what happens during this event. How long it is? How far it is? Where it starts and ends at? Can anyone enter? Anyways… If you could get back to me I would be most appreciative.

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