Hotter than July

Brandy, Julius, back deck


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4 thoughts on “Hotter than July

  1. Your place? Looks relaxing. I just finished hanging bamboo shades on our (teensy) front porch. MAN, why didn’t we do this weeks ago?! It’s hotter-n-blazes here. They’re predicting rolling blackouts in Calif. today…hope they’re wrong…but I’m holding off on the A/C for the moment…

  2. Not my place, but we feel at home there. It’s our friends’ back patio. The last time we sat out there, it POURED rain while we feasted, it was really cool.

  3. Belgium is miserably hot and they’re not big on a/c here. My American guests were looking forward to returning to their a/c.

    We’re expecting 36oC today and … well and …. sigh.

    (Don’t remind me I complained when winter returns)

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