Hiking Talapus Lake

Crayfish in Talapus LakeI had no idea there were crayfish in the Alpine Lakes. Neither did my friend Knox so both of us were amazed to see three of them, right below us in the water. Two of them engaged in battle while a third stayed out of the way under a fallen tree snag. Knox tried to catch one but they’re quick little buggers. It’s just as well he wasn’t successful. What would we have done with one little four inch crayfish?Talapus Lake 14

The hike to Talapus Lake is as easy as pie, perfect for the late start, those with challenged hamstrings, or those who think that hiking to the pretty stuff is beyond them. There are a few switchbacks at the start, but nothing too steep. The trail meets the river at various places giving you the excuse to stand around admiring the view while you’re really having a little rest. Towards the top – and it’s just over two miles to the lake so it’s short – the trail flattens a bit and opens into a lovely Japanese garden with bridges and raised walkways and the sound of water and dappled light and lush green foliage and haiku inspiration everywhere.

Talapus Lake 08The lake has plenty of fallen timber along the shore, perfect picnic benches. Chipmunks skittered about though they never came close enough to steal some lunch. Big blue dragonflies circled back and forth across the water. In the distance, trout threw themselves all the way out of the water and back in again.

We dawdled by the lake for half an hour or so, then wandered back down the trail to the car before driving to North Bend for milkshakes at the Dairy Freeze. While I was sitting outside enjoying my espresso milkshake and a discussion of how we’d find out about Alpine crayfish, I realized that it was the third time in barely over a month that I’d been in the big outdoors and then, at the Dairy Freeze for sustenence.

Ah, what a life!

The Great Outdoors is
The perfect prelude to an
Espresso milkshake.

A few more pictures here.
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  1. I had no idea there were crayfish in the Northwest. Then again, I had no idea that there’s a North Bend in Washington either. (There’s one in Oregon, too.) 🙂

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