Fall Colors in My Kitchen

Kitchen Still LIfe

Some time back I bought a tripod for five bucks at a garage sale. It’s quite a good one, it’s the Digi719B from Manfrotto (link goes to updated model). The head is a little odd and I scared the daylights out of myself when I unscrewed it too much and it dropped right off on the floor, but the grippy clamps for the legs hold nice and tight and, hey, did I mention, I paid five bucks for it at a garage sale?

So I’ve been messing around with the ISO on my camera – I finally figured out how to change it without having to fish around for the manual – and I’ve been taking some longer exposures in the low daylight of my kitchen. (Stupid winter.) I don’t have a steady hand, so the combination of the tripod and the adjustable ISO is making it possible to get some nice details.

Goal? Become handy with the ISO setting and the tripod because it will give me a bigger range of possibilites for pics. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to develop a steadier hand, but if I get the hang of the other stuff, I can compensate.

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  1. I always try to shoot at 50 ISO. Not sure how it really works in digi’s, but back in the old film days, lower ISO’s means lower film speed and greater saturation. Faster film speeds result in washed out pictures. So there you go. And your tripod seems better than mine, which I bought in a camera store for I forget how much. Dan

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