Christmas Lights, East Side

Mc Mansions, Mc LIghts, Kirkland

Technique notes:

  1. When your non-American companion says, “Oh.My.God.” pull over and dig around behind your seat for the camera.
  2. Don’t bother checking the camera settings. Instead, just shoot the photo. When the shutter refuses to close, say,”Oh, that’s not going to work!” and then wave the camera around for a little bit until the shutter finally does close.
  3. Admire your results.

Our favorite is still this place in Kirkland because we can’t help but admire the minimalist color scheme and the supreme attention to detail. We also have to acknowledge the sheer excess of this place, on the right as you come in to West Seattle. I believe it has four Santas, several penguins, a pair of elves, deer and, hmmm, is that a polar bear, along with the requisite blinky lights, bows, and snowflakes.

And while we’re at it, it’s time again for Citizen of the Month’s Blogger Christmahanukanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. (Wow, that is not going to fit on the back of the tour t-shirt!) I sent in “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” – a swell little Irving Berlin tune. And if it sounds like I’m playing from the bottom of a well, consider yourself lucky that it doesn’t sound like I’m playing right next to you. I love this open mic day on the web, so thanks, Neil, and may your dreidl always land on gimel.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Lights, East Side

  1. The blue Jesus house is remarkable, even only in a photo. My kids won’t let me use coloured lights; they think it is to kitschy. Maybe they will change their minds if I show them this photo.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that we changed the concert logo — if you want an updated version of the art here in your post — the only reason I mention it is because you have the old version I created, before Sophia let me know that the yellow star was a bad idea because of Holocaust associations, etc. You can also download the new participant buttons with the new blue and white star at my blog.

    Very cool picture above of the Christmas lights, btw ;-D


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