Administrivia: Hoi An, Jet Lag, Seattle, DIY

  • Hoi AnI’ve loaded up way too many photos of Hoi An. What can I say, it was photogenic there. I wrote a little about Hoi An here and here.
  • Jetlag, and boy howdy. Yesterday, instead of taking a nap, we went out for treats with our excellent ex-neighbor at the Columbia City Bakery. A walk in the sun and coffee helped a lot; last night I was able to sleep most of the night. FYI, I’m sorry, Columbia City Bakery, you are good, but no Bakery Nouveau.
  • Are you going to the Seattle Metblogs meetup at Bimbo’s? I’m thinking I might. It’s been ages since I’ve had a good burrito.
  • I’m working on a project about stay at home stuff to do – both social and solo – for you, fabulous hipster chick. (Has the word ‘hipster’ been replaced with anything new yet?) I could use a little brainstorming material. I now know about Apartment Therapy and I knew the soup swap loving Not Martha would come in handy one day, but do you have other suggested links for me to peruse?
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