Birds and Fog

Alki Beach in the Fog
I remembered to grab my camera because I thought that the fog would make for great photos. And it did, but also, because it’s so gray, the birds act like it’s still early morning. I stopped my bike, but the crunch of my wheels on the gravel made the great blue heron — perched on a moss covered rock on the beach below — turn his head. I guess he didn’t like the looks of my safety yellow jacket, because he took off before I could get a shot.

And he was talking as he flew away. I’m sure he was saying, “Oh, come on, it’s mid-morning on an overcast weekday. You’d think I could hang out at the beach without being stalked by paparazzi.”


Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you that yesterday morning, I sat on the couch and watched a blue jay very carefully stuff a peanut into the big hedge by my front porch. Once the peanut had been stowed to his satisfaction, he pulled little bits of green off the hedge to cover it up, stopping to inspect his work with each addition. Once he’d determined that it was sufficiently camoflaged, he flew off. I haven’t seen him come to collect it yet — though if I could reach it, I’d totally want to move it just to mess with him.

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